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Hand Sanitizer for Sale | Elyptol USA: Hand Sanitizer Gels & Sprays

Hand Sanitizer for Sale | Elyptol USA: Hand Sanitizer Gels & Sprays

Hand Sanitizer for Sale 

There’s no doubt about the effect of COVID-19 in the US. Our lives have changed, and we are no longer flippant about the risk of contracting potentially life-threatening viruses and bacteria. It’s not all bad though, we have learned how to work around this risk and how to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. The masks and hand sanitizer for sale are now our best defense, and they really do work! Hand sanitizer neutralizes or kills the virus, and masks physically prevent them from spreading by forming a shield between our noses and mouths and those around us. These small changes have been proven to make a big difference in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Hand sanitizer is an everyday essential. It keeps viruses and bacteria at bay and gives us the confidence to continue our daily tasks efficiently without worrying about getting sick. Wherever you look, there is hand sanitizer for sale. Physical stores, online stores, and homemade versions are available nearly everywhere. There are a few problems, though; sanitizers and their ingredients vary significantly, and there are some essential things to look out for and take note of when buying hand sanitizerConvenience is always a bonus, but there’s really much more to it; the wrong hand sanitizer can be ineffective or even toxic if you aren’t careful.   

How To Find Effective Hand Sanitizer for Sale  

Every hand sanitizer advertises the ability to kill germs, but they are unlikely to say why you shouldn’t buy themThere are some critical pitfalls to avoid. It’s crucial to investigate the hand sanitizer you buy thoroughly in order to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. 

What you need to know about the hand sanitizer you buy: 

What type of alcohol the hand sanitizer contains  hand sanitizers are made using either ethanol or isopropanol. Both will do the job, but ethanol is the preferred alcohol. Elyptol uses ethanol because it is known for having a higher viricidal activity than isopropanol. Ethanol can also be produced using natural fermentation processes rather than petrochemical processes.   

Some hand sanitizers contain methanol, also known as wood alcohol. Methanol is toxic because it can be absorbed through the skinThe FDA tests hand sanitizers which are for sale, and those containing methanol are recalled.  

How much alcohol does the hand sanitizer contain?  according to the FDA and CDC, hand sanitizers must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol. If the hand sanitizer you buy has a percentage of ethanol or isopropanol which is lower than 60%, it will not be effective enough against viruses and bacteria, and it will not kill 99.9% of germs. According to studies, a sanitizer with the ideal concentration is between 70% and 80%.   

Does the hand sanitizer contain alcohol? – there are hand sanitizers for sale which do not have alcohol in them. While they may seem like a viable alternative, the CDC does not recommend them. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers typically contain biocidal agents, which may cause antibiotic resistance; they are also not effective against dangerous viruses and bacteria. 

Has the hand sanitizer expired?  hand sanitizer has a shelf life of between two and three yearsBecause alcohol evaporates faster than water, an old bottle of hand sanitizer will have a lower concentration of alcoholBecause alcohol is the active ingredient in hand sanitizer, this would decrease its ability to kill germs and viruses.   

Has the FDA recalled the hand sanitizer?  the FDA regularly tests hand sanitizers to ensure that they live up to their claims, they are non-toxic when used topically, and they kill viruses and germs. Those that are toxic, contain methanol, or are not effective against germs are recalled and should be avoided.  

Is the hand sanitizer homemade?  the CDC does not recommend homemade hand sanitizer. Whether you buy it from someone you know or make it yourself, the efficacy of homemade hand sanitizers cannot be tested. When you make hand sanitizer at home, you can’t test its alcohol content; you can’t be 100% certain that your ingredients are the exact right ones or that your measurements are perfect. Unlike making a cake, making effective hand sanitizer requires clinical conditions and testing to ensure its efficacy.   

Has the hand sanitizer been tested in labs and on hands?  when hand sanitizer has not been tested, we cannot be sure that it kills 99.9% of germs, as it should. Testing in labs alone is only part of the process thoughwhen the hand sanitizer is tested in real-life circumstances, only then can we be sure that it will live up to its claims. Our hands and skin differ from test tubes, and it is essential to know whether the product is harmful and dries our skin out.  

Why You Need to Buy Hand Sanitizer  

If you have gotten lost looking for the right hand sanitizer, you aren’t alone. The best way to ensure you have a good hand sanitizer is by ensuring it has not been recalled by the FDA and that the product brand has been registered by the FDA. With this in mind, you can be sure that your hand sanitizer will kill potentially harmful pathogens, which is why you need to buy hand sanitizer in the first place. Simply using hand sanitizer minimizes your chances of contracting potentially dangerous illnesses caused by e. faecalis, pneumococcus, MERS-Cov, COVID-19, SARS-Cov, and many other pathogens.  

Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer 

Elyptol is recognized for being thoroughly tested in labs and in real-life circumstances. As a company registered with the FDA, you can be sure that the claims made by Elyptol are more than claims; they are facts.  

Why buy Elyptol hand sanitizer?  

  • It kills 99.999% of viruses and bacteria 
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free 
  • It is eco friendly 
  • It contains 70% naturally derived ethanol 
  • It contains moisturizing eucalyptus 
  • It can be used over and over throughout the day without drying your hands out 

Elyptol hand sanitizer is for sale through our online store. You can choose from hand sanitizer spray, hand sanitizer gel, and sanitizing wipes. Elyptol will deliver throughout the US to your home or business.  

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