Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer | Elyptol US

Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer | Elyptol US

Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer  

After COVID-19 reached our shores, it wasn’t long before hand sanitizer and masks were sold out, and the shelves were bare. Luckily, the US FDA stepped in to speed up the production of hand sanitizer. They chose to forgo the previously required expiry date on the packaging 

so that more Americans could get their hands on a much needed disinfectant, and the stores recovered their stock levels. That still begs the question, where should we buy hand sanitizer? Now that hand sanitizer is more readily available and there is more to choose from, we can take the time to find the right hand sanitizer at the right shop. 

There are so many different hand sanitizers to choose from these days, with every other shop selling them too. Still, that only makes things more confusing. Not every shop, be it a brick-and-mortar shop or an online shop, carries good quality hand sanitizer. So where should you buy hand sanitizer? Whether you are buying hand sanitizer online or in a shop, it is essential to find out whether you are purchasing good quality hand sanitizer or something that is not effective, whether it can be used regularly throughout the day, it will make your hands dry and crack.  

Who Sells Hand Sanitizer? 

You will find hand sanitizer at all your regular stops such as Home Depot, Target, Walmart, WalgreensThe Body Shop, Staples, Office Depot, Rite Aid, and Amazon. If you’re struggling to find the right product for your needs, Elyptol has stock, and we ship throughout the USAElyptol can be delivered directly to your home or your business within six days. For those who reside in Puerto Ricoshipping takes seven days. With Elyptol you know exactly what you’re getting, and you can rely on our prompt delivery service.  

Why Buy Elyptol? 

Elyptol has been recognised as a high-quality hand sanitizing product. Elyptol is registered with the FDAcertified by the USDA, and it complies CDC guidelinesThese leading regulatory bodies ensure the efficacy, safety, eco-friendliness, transparency, and quality of our products. Through stringent testingElyptol sanitizing products have been proven to be effective, hospital grade, and antimicrobial. This testing is done not only in test tubes but also on hands to ensure that Elyptol products work in real-world conditions and support skin health.  

Elyptol has received awards from: 

  • NEXTY, for the Best New Natural Product 
  • INCLEAN, for the ‘Best New Natural Cleaning Product 

Elyptol has also been endorsed by GECA (The Good Environmental Choice Australia), an independent ecolabel.  

Elyptol Hand Sanitizer Delivery 

Elyptol delivers throughout the US. We use reputable, professional shipping companies, which we trust to take care of your hand sanitizer package. Despite its flammable nature, hand sanitizer can be shipped and conveniently delivered to you. It is shipped and labeled as hazardous material and treated as such as a safety precaution. Some mailers may have quantity restrictions on the transportation of flammable items such as hand sanitizer, which contains isopropanol and ethanol, but other mailers may have permission to ship larger quantities of these items. 

Why You Should Buy Hand Sanitizer 

Many people have opted to make their own hand sanitizer. Be it a DIY project or just a necessary solution to getting your hands on some hand sanitizer when the store shelves are bare; it is by no means the first option. The CDC warns that making your own hand sanitizer does not guarantee an effective or safe solution 

Reasons Not To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer 

You may not have the perfect recipe, and the wrong recipe may be less effective or harmful to your skinOne search on the internet yields a cornucopia of hand sanitizer recipes, which makes choosing a good recipe even more confusing and difficult.  

If you have chosen a sand sanitizer recipe from a reputable source, such as the World Health Organisation, ensuring the measurements are exact is an art at the best of times. These recipes hinge on you being able to mix your ingredients precisely to specifications. Unlike cooking, if your measurements are off by just half an ounce, your hand sanitizer may be rendered ineffective or dry your skin out completely.   

The exact measurement of ingredients is also more challenging to achieve using standard kitchen equipment, which may be slightly less accurateAt home, you are unlikely to mix the quantities of hand sanitizer which would be produced in commercial settings, which increases the room for errorHalf an ounce here or there is less noticeable in the mixture of 10 gallons, than in your home mixture of half a gallon of hand sanitizer.  

Getting the right ingredients may not be quite as straightforward either. The most accurate, and recommended recipes will ask specifically for ingredients such as ethanol with a 96% alcohol concentration or isopropyl with a 99.8% concentration, hydrogen peroxide with a 3% concentrationand glycerol with a 98% concentration, along with distilled water. Finding such specific ingredients could be tricky, and opting for variations may render your entire batch of home-made hands sanitizer useless.  

If you have managed to find the correct ingredients, you may not be able to figure out the exact manufacture date and the expiry date of these ingredients. Alcohol, in particular, is and always will be subject to evaporation. If your isopropyl with a 99.8% concentration of alcohol has been exposed to heat or has been on the shelf for an extended period of time, the alcohol content may be lower than expected. In a lab or a commercial setting, the ingredients are likely fresher and the manufacturer is also able to test the exact alcohol content to ensure its efficacy. Your hand sanitizer must have a minimum of 60% alcohol in total in order to effectively kill 99.9% of viruses and germs.   

Ultimately, your best bet is to buy good quality hand sanitizer from Elyptol. With natural and eco-friendly ingredients, you can rely on its germ-killing ability and its moisturizing capacity, making it perfect for applying throughout the day as needed. 

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