The Proud Hand Sanitizer Sponsor of
Expo West 2017

Elyptol’s award winning effective and powerful Hospital grade hand sanitizer kills 99.9999% of bacteria, funghi and germs that can cause disease.

Elyptol’s natural and botanical ingredients sanitizers, nourishes and protects the skin. It is vegan , gluten and cruelty free.

Adding Eucalyptus essential oil relives the whole physiology of walking in the woods and inhaling those green elements from leaves and trees. Elyptol with the high cineole content improves the immune function and has disease inhibitory activity. And you also have the physiological of calming and odor neutralization.

Our products are registered with the FDA. They do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. We are a member of the World Health Organizations (WHO) collaborative Hand Hygiene Program and have been dermatologically tested. Elyptol's products and specially sourced packaging make it kind to the earth and gentle to use.

We recently won the NEXTY award for Best New Natural Living Product at Expo East 2016 and the Buyers Choice Finalist Award at the ECRM Conference February 2017.

Come visit us at our booth &^%$. Buying products at Expo West will not only give you 20% discount but you

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