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September 30, 2016 1:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts Elyptol, a natural botanical antimicrobial hand sanitizer wins a New Hope NEXTY award at Natural Products Expo East.Santa Monica – September 26th, 2016 – Elyptol, Inc. won the New Hope Network’s NEXTY Award for Best NewNatural Living Product at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.The New Hope NEXTY Awards are globally recognized as the best in class in the Natural Products sector. They were created to recognize the most game-changing and inspiring products in the CPG market today. NEXTY Awards are given to products that display the utmost in innovation, integrity and inspiration and help forward the work of the natural products industry to deliver more healthful, trusted and sustainable products to consumers.Elyptol’s Antimicrobial Hand Gel Sanitizer was one of 50 finalists selected by a national panel of natural products industry experts from more than 365 entries across 20 Awards categories, such as Best New Mission-Based Product, Best New Organic Food or Best New Natural Living Product. “The award validates the real need for a natural hand sanitizer that is strong enough to kill germs, yet at the same time, be gentle and moisturizing on the skin – and a hand sanitizer that is approved and certified for use in Healthcare facilities,” said Tim O’Connor, President & CEO. “We are very excited to receive this award fromNew Hope and believe that not only does this endorse the effort Elyptol has put into the product set, but also demonstrates that a new era in hand sanitizers is needed”.“The NEXTY Awards represent the future of the natural products industry where sustainability and transparencyare the norm,” says Jessie Shafer, content director at New Hope Network and one of the NEXTY judges. “Ourindustry can have a huge influence on how big manufacturers and mainstream buyers think about consumerpackaged goods. The winners of our NEXTY awards inspire change and integrity in everything from ingredientsto packaging.”Elyptol has carried out rigorous development and testing and the hand sanitizing products are registered with theFederal Drug Administration (FDA). The ingredients are non-toxic, do not have any nasty substances and thespecially sourced bio-degradable packaging make it kind to the earth and gentle to use. Elyptol’s naturalformulation with Eucalyptus Oil is an effective and powerful hand sanitizer that kills bacteria and 99.99% of mostcommon germs that can cause disease. Elyptol minimizes the likelihood of allergic reactions or contact dermatitisand is formulated to both sanitize and moisturize. Elyptol is a member of the World Health Organizations (WHO)collaborative hand hygiene program, Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS).Elyptol harnesses the green powers of nature focusing on natural botanical ingredients. Winning the Best NaturalNew Living Product award is a major achievement for Elyptol, highlighting the brand in this sector and itsimportance as a natural hand sanitizing product to consumers. Clare Brady, Public Relations +1 917 403 2021, cb@elyptol.com New Hope Network’s PR Contact: Carrie Kocik, Public Relations, 617-694-5971, ckocik@newhope.com

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