Elyptol Wipes Dispenser

Designed very carefully and with consideration for aesthetics, functionality, security and environmental wear and tear, the Elyptol Bulk Wipe Dispenser stand is great for front of store locations or corporate offices where both Hand Wipes and Cleaning Wipes are required. You can not only offer the best in natural sanitization but also now in great style.

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Our stands have been designed with all the functionality required for front of store or corporate office locations. The stand has both a push button and lock to open and replace the bulk 1,000 count wipes. There is a poster attachment that can be inserted easily at the back of the stand to insert corporate messages. Used wipes can be disposed of through the small opening collected inside by a custom designed trash can. There is also a separate compartment for additional rolls of wipes.

Many of the parts are easily replaceable in case of accidents and they are also easy to install.

For use with our Elyptol Bulk Dispenser 1,000 Count Rolls. (SOLD SEPARATELY).

For more information please contact salesus@elyptol.com.

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Dimensions 36.3 x 11.7 x 15.0 in


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